Our Story

At my youngest son’s 12th birthday party, while his face glowed behind the lovely cake we had baked together, I watched the grotesquely villainous waxy little candles killing themselves on the freshly whipped icing. Generic, mass-produced, and entirely artificial, the candles didn’t deserve the pedestal upon which they puddled.

I’m trained as an architect - devoted to details, and birthday candles were ripe for revision. Thus began my journey to improve upon a tired tradition.

I enrolled in classes at Chicago’s French Pastry School and The Chocolate Academy, learned how to work with chocolate – to temper and mould. I prototyped custom moulds and packaging, hired a graphic designer, joined a food incubator, rented space in a commercial kitchen. I did market research, sourced ingredients, attended trade shows, built a website – all before selling a single candle.


Building a business from scratch required a village. And introducing a new product into the world requires an appreciative audience.

Let Them Eat Candles® are the delicious exclamation point for every celebration. Thank you for joining me in this quiet revolution. Shine on!