Dallas Market


Well, I joined Margo, Chris and Jason in The Grommet's awesome booth the first day of the Dallas Total Home and Gift Market.  Despite electrical obstacles resulting in a 10+ hour set-up, Team Grommet was all vim and vigor greeting, sprucing up shelves, and selling by the time I rolled in close to 10.  At least I brought snacks, so I wasn't totally useless.

Booth 2401 was well-positioned near the elevators on the 12th floor of "Temporaries," and there was a steady stream of buyers throughout the day.  Of course I had to check out the Gourmet Food section and cross the street to poke around the Vintage offerings.  And yes, I managed to snag a few souvenirs (thanks Freakers and Kalalou).  But mostly I tried to stay off my feet.  Wrong shoes, anyone?

It's difficult to overstate the crowds, energy, and sheer quantity of merchandise at a gift market.  What an honor to have Let Them Eat Candles among the unique and innovative products featured on the summer circuit with The Grommet Wholesale.

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