Like any voyage, today’s launch on The Grommet required planning and teamwork to execute.  The odyssey began with a submission in August, followed by contact from Discovery Manager, Ryan.  There were contracts and negotiations, samples and style selections.  A date.  And suddenly, in addition to needing more supplies and gearing up for more production than ever before, LTEC had marching orders.  Photos, video, media outreach.  The Grommet is a hive of activity out in Somerville, MA, and there's not a lot left to chance.

Big thanks not only to Ryan, but to Co-Founder and Chief Discovery Officer, Joanne, Maker Programming Associate, Katherine, Sr. Discovery Associate, Blaise, Vice President, Discovery, Kate, Senior Manager, Video Production, Alyssa, and Market Associate, Mike.  May God's love be with you....



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