Here’s why I love Plum:

Before stocking Let Them Eat Candles, Tiffany, Director of Floral & Specialty Candy, asked for bigger displays!  Better visuals, more candles.  Win-win.

Having never done an in-store demo, anywhere, this summer I hung out at each Plum for fun.  The Markets are in constant motion.  Flowers are clipped, replenished and arranged.  Jars are faced forward, breads are fluffed.  Provisions are orderly and bountiful, and the Plum employees offer assistance, samples and suggestions with enthusiasm.  

Their prepared-food chef designs recipes then provides photographs - ensuring consistency in palate and plate across all stores.  Details prevail.  The heaping platter of Salmon, Fennel, Collards, & Corn Salad was garnished with layers of red onions cut into the shape of flowers. Fresh, creative, delicious.

A highlight of Chicago’s demo day?  Meeting Patricia, who comes to Plum specifically for Let Them Eat Candles, then sends them on to friends in LA!

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