MULTIPLES the SHOW2605 W Armitage Ave, Chicago, IL

Saturday, 18 Oct 2014, Noon to 8 pm, Sunday, 19 Oct 2014, Noon to 6 pm

The categories: Visual Art / Indie Craft, Hand-Made & Vintage / Zines, Comix & Artists Books / Craft Kitchen / Bike Alley / The Store.  The show: MULTIPLES.

The weekend: too busy for me.  Couldn’t be at a show.  Or could I?  The show’s “shop” is little cubbies of salable goods (aka bookshelves), and the venue is right down the street from where I produce.  It was too convenient not to “show” up.  And the space is as cool as the vendors.

The flip side of choosing my spot early was not getting to see the show in full swing.  If you go, let me know.


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