True story:

I become a Wildcard Finalist in the Martha Stewart American Made contest today!  If it hadn't happened today, I'd have been out.  As a last ditch effort (we're talking last Friday and yesterday), I:

1. Sent a box of Let Them Eat Candles to each of the 5 FOOD category judges, including Martha herself.

2. Sent a note to a few suppliers and vendors, telling them about the contest, asking if they'd be willing to "share" my nomination through social media.

My very first email response came from Galit at Callebaut Chocolate USA, with an offer to post my nomination to their Facebook page!  Hello THOUSANDS of followers!

And this afternoon, a Thank You note from Martha herself!  Or maybe from someone 10 layers below Martha herself.  Still, Martha walks the walk.  The note writer actually read my letter.  Upon receipt. There were 3,200 contestants, and while I don't know how many sent Martha their product, surely there's a backlog of packages to open and notes to write?

And so, as this 2014 contest enters the next round, I want to thank not only my family and friends, and friends of friends and family, for every shred of support, I want to thank Galit and Martha and other Let Them Eat Candles Friends, for believing my efforts were worth acknowledging, if not rewarding. I apologize in advance for what will come next: Repeated requests for Like and Shares, Comments and Clicks.  While becoming a Finalist is already a reward.  I'm in it to win it.  After all, I'm in the business of wish fulfillment!




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