Martha Stewart American Made Contest

Let Them Eat Candles: Wildcard Finalist 2014

Yesterday was a day of candle production, and while stirring chocolate, I absent-mindedly scrolled through email on my phone.

“I really dislike that you didn’t win!” came from loyal friend and die-hard voter, Sabrina.  It was the most humane way to learn I wasn’t among the chosen 10.

I spent this morning pouring over the winners.  Although the Detroit Dirt gal’s video was a car commercial (an actual commercial), she appears to be pretty awesome.  Never guessed a composter was Food category competition.

It was exciting to become a Finalist out of the 3,259 small business nominations.  It was fun reaching out to my community and getting positive feedback and support.  It was thrilling to receive new inquiries and business opportunities.

I might not open every future email from (how much daily love does a person need?), but I’ll remember this experience with fondness for a long, long time.

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