Blue Buddha Boutique (B3)

1127 West Granville Ave, Chicago, IL.  773.478.3767

If you visit B3’s website, you’ll wonder what chocolate has to do with chainmaille.  At least I would have wondered had I seen the website first.  But I first saw the store.

And inside, alongside the tools and supplies for chainmaille enthusiasts, is the work of 40 local artisans.  And the artisans are there because of Blue Buddha Boutique’s unique connection to the Chicago Craft Mafia and the DIY Trunk Show, both of which support entrepreneurs and artisans through workshops and shows.

In other words, there's a lot more to this shop than being voted Best New Business in Edgewater 2013.  This business began 11 years ago as a chainmaille mail order out of owner Rebecca Mojica’s home, and was the first chainmaille-only brick-and-mortar store in the world.  Now B3 hosts classes and trunk shows and Maker days.  Which is all to say that sometimes a website reveals only part of a rich and resourceful story – one that you need to see for yourself.

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