CHOCOLATE ACADEMY, 600 W Chicago Ave, Chicago IL  312.496.7427

THE LIBRARY at the PARK HYATT CHICAGO, 800 N Michigan Ave, Chicago IL 312.335.1234

What’d I learn at Sugar and Spice and all (Chocolate) Things Nice, the 2-hour demo with Chef Meg Galus at The Chocolate Academy? Oh, just how to make some super-cool looking (not to mention delicious) holiday treats including Chocolate Eggnog Macaron Trees, Vanilla Praline Crunch Candy Bars, Chocolate Gingerbread Ornaments and Milk Chocolate Mont Blanc Éclairs.

In an ideal world, I’d whip up some of the macaron trees for teacher gifts and my book club cookie exchange and impress the pants off everyone.  But in reality I feel guilty for just sneaking out for the afternoon.  Attending the demo was my own little gift to myself.

As a new entrepreneur, I am practicing the art of saying, “Yes” to new opportunities.  Sometimes they’re challenges that I’d rather avoid, but every once in a while, they’re the best kind of busman’s holiday.

To see or sample what I got to see and sample, head to the NoMI Boutique at the Park Hyatt Chicago November 19 - December 24 (check the hours).  You won't be disappointed.

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