ARTIZONE HOME DELIVERY for Chicagoland -- http://www.artizone.com/Chicago

With 3,000 Chicago customers, 104 local shops represented, and a similar program in Dallas, (Austin and Denver coming soon), Artizone isn’t a secret.  But when I was approached over the summer, the company was news to me.

If it’s news to you, here’s the skinny: Artizone is an online specialty food shopping community, delivering to your door from storefronts that might require a trek, like Bang Bang Pie Shop and Black Dog Gelato, and goods made from kitchens without a storefront, like Karl’s Craft Soup and Mama’s Nuts!  Check their zip code zone to be sure they’ll come to you. 

Supporting the local Artizone scene is a 12-person crew including 7 drivers.  Pictured are Roger, Josie, Bernadette “Berni” and Juan, ready to handle logistics, inventory, stocking and driving.

Delivery is free for orders over $120, or a flat $5.95 for anything less.  What are you waiting for?  Visit Artizone’s online aisles and get the best of what Chicago has to offer straight to your door.

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